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Welcome to Encore Learning CentreExtensive programmes in phonics, music, dance, speech & drama, arts & crafts

Encore Learning Centre is designed to create an environment for children to explore both the imaginative and the concrete world. We now offer various enrichment programmes such as phonics, music, dance, speech & drama, creative arts for children between 3 to 12 years old!


Learn to read, write, and spell with Jolly Phonics in a fun and effective approach. We also offer phonics classes for 4-12 years old.

Speech & Drama

Unleash creativity and build confidence Learn through an exploration of creative drama, improvisation, storytelling and group performance.

English for Young Learners

Learn to listen, speak, read and writeEnglish course carefully designed and planned for young children, help children learn English in a fast and fun way.


Piano, violin & music theory Enrol your child in our music classes and learn piano or violin playing techniques.

Dance for Kids

Designed to encourage children to enjoy the benefits and joys of song and dance.

Creative Arts

Unleash creativity and self expressionHelp children develop a sense of expression, communication and creativity through Encore creative art lessons.