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Encore Learning Centre established in June 2013, provides creative and interactive enrichment programs covering music & dance, speech & drama, phonics, and arts & crafts. These curriculums are tailored for children to learn through fun, laughter, music and movement. The environment, facilities and innovative teaching methods at Encore Learning Centre enable children to develop and reach their full potential.

To nurture the young generations, we believe that the focus should be not merely academic support, but also on enrichment activities like music, dance, arts and sports. By balancing academic support with a variety of structured, engaging, and enjoyable enrichment activities not only help to improve academic performance but at the same time help to build up confidence and social-emotional development of the children.

We aim to build up children’s social skills, self-esteem, initiative, and leadership skills through our programme. Research has shown that participation in these programmes since young age is associated with decreased behavioural problems, improved social and communication skills, better relationships with peers, lower levels of depression and anxiety, development of initiative etc.

Mission Statement
A world where learning is fun and maximizing the potential of every child.

To be the leading education provider in teaching children to be creative, confident and contented; while increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our Philosophy
We provide a stimulating environment, where each individual child will have the freedom to explore and have opportunities to play and learn through fun. We recognise the importance of supporting children’s personal, social and emotional development if they are to achieve in all other areas of their lives.Through our enrichment programmes, children will learn to express themselves and be guided to discover their personal strengths and talents in creative and nurturing ways; and become a happy and confident individual, who has a strong sense of identity and a positive attitude towards others.