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Support your child’s artistic growth during this fun class with the aims to introduce kids to a world of fun, imagination and creativity. Each week we will explore new art materials, techniques, and age-appropriate concepts through painting, collage, sculpting, and drawing.


Age Group: 3 – 6 years old

What will my child learn?

Art gives children an opportunity to communicate their deepest thoughts, experiences and emotions. We try not to restrict the child’s art to colouring neatly within the lines in a colouring book; instead we let them enjoy the act of creating and getting messy during the lessons.

The lessons cover the basic fundamentals of art:

  • Line and shape
  • The colour wheel
  • Colour mixing – primary colours and secondary colours, warm and cool colours
  • Simple drawing technique
  • Basic colour pencil/oil pastel techniques
  • Basic watercolour painting techniques
  • Printmaking
  • Paper Crafts

Child’s Artwork