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Research has shown that phonics is one of the fastest ways for children to learn the concept of the written word and develop reading skills, particularly when they start from a young age.

Jolly Phonics was designed to teach children how to read, write, and spell using a systematic multisensory phonics program by introduces all the letter sounds, with an action, song, and storyline for each of the 42 sounds of English. It is an enjoyable, multi-sensory program for teaching the learner how to 'crack the code' of English and be able to successfully read and write for meaning.

Jolly Phonics 是一套來自英国的拼音教学方法,运用儿歌、动作、故事、拼写及多感观活动为英语读写和串字打好基础!
• 学习42个主要的英语发音; 协助孩子轻松串字
• 从游戏中轻松学习英语; 提高孩子的认字能力

The 5 Basic Skills of Jolly Phonics


Age Group:
  4- 5 years old / 6 - 7 years old / 8 - 12 years old

Course Duration:
1 hour per lesson, once a week