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Speech and drama activities are to encourage the children, to speak well, with vocal clarity and diction. The classes are fun and can assist in strengthening a child’s communication skills, boost confidence in public speaking, speak more persuasively, learn leadership skills, increase ability to adapt and improvise, overcome shyness, build self-esteem, build awareness of social skills, make friends and develop empathy.

Encore speech and drama lessons teach children to discover the power of the voice and the pleasure of language and literature through an exploration of creative drama, improvisation, storytelling, poems, rhymes, songs  and group performance.

在当今高度竞争的社会中,成功者都拥有好的口才并且充满自信。想在竞争中脱颖而出, 语言表达能力非常重要,尤其是流利娴熟的英语表达能力。一个拥有自信的风度,清晰善辩的口才,好的眼神交流和倾听技巧的年轻人更容易在激烈的竞争中脱颖而出。

我们的Speech & Drama 按照Trinity College London 的课程;学习声音投射(projection),语言技巧,如读音(pronunciation)和吐词咬字(articulation)。其它还包括说话技巧如强调(stress)、停顿(pause)、语速(pace)等,让学生能准确地表达自己的意念,也能准确地聆听别人说的话。戏剧班不但能够丰富孩子的想象力和创造力,更帮助孩子拥有有效的社会交流,良好的沟通与社交能力。


Speech & Drama ( 4 – 6 years old )

Children are encouraged to learn standard English through fun and play! Children will learn English through nursery rhymes, drama and improvisation, poetry, games, puppetry, show & tell and storytelling. The programme aims to engage and interest the children to speak fluent and accurate English, and cultivate good diction skills, correct pronunciation and build children’s confidence in the language. Children will be able to participate in the Young Performer’s Certificate (drama exam).

Trinity College London Young Performers Certificates (YPC)  are designed to develop confidence, group interaction skills and a sense of achievement in children up to the age of seven. The YPC encourages performance skills to create stories, roles and situations through imaginative movement, music and voice. It is an internationally recognized certificate recording a candidate’s personal achievement. It measures your child’s progress against and internationally applied standard and gives appraisal and guidance for future development.


Speech & Drama ( 7 – 9 years old )
Children will learn speech and drama skills through a variety of creative and fun activities. These skills will enable them to express themselves articulately and confidently. The objectives are to develop and foster self-confidence and clarity in speech in the children.

– Drama
– Impromptu Speeches
– Voice projection and articulation,
– Fluency and Intonation practice


Speech & Drama ( 10 – 12 years old )
In a fun-filled atmosphere, our drama classes aim to give children ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication.

Communication, conversation and discussion skills
Public Speaking
– Voice projection and Articulation
– Develop critical thinking skills and confidence to express ideas

We prepare students to participate in both the Graded Examinations in Acting and Speaking or Graded Examinations in Communication Skills by Trinity College London. Students passing the examinations will receive certificates that are accepted worldwide.



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